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To Whom It May Concern:

I have recently taken my Honda Odyssey with 66000 km on it to The Honda Way in Abbotsford, BC, on 30150 Automall Drive. I took my Van in because there was a noise on the front Drives side that we wanted to get looked at. We were told that it was the drivers side wheel bearing. We asked if it would be covered under the 5year 100,000km warranty. They said no because it was 3 months past our 5 year. So we left it at that. We called the Customer care line and they approved the work to be done under warranty. We then called back to The Honda Way and booked the Van in. I was informed when I dropped the Van off that it is a rather quick fix, 3 hrs or so. Only to find that they replaced the wheel bearing on the wrong side and broke my ABS sensor on the same side. Honda Way then replaced the correct wheel bearing on the correct side, but damaged my ABS sensor on that side as well. Now after 6 hrs of my vehicle in The Honda Way shop, The Honda Way informs me that I am to pay them to replace the ABS sensors, that they broke, (one of which should not have been touched to begin with). As well that they would have to order the part in.

After inquiring about these sensors with 1 other Honda shop, 2 Honda certified mechanics and a local car repair shop. I find that the sensors should not have been touched, and in a case of which they are touched it would be rare that 2 need to be replaced. In fact, they don't stock the ABS sensors because it is so rare.

I then decided to call The Honda Way back and talk to the service person looking after the work order (Lucky Kooner) and questioned which sensor broke. He then informed me that it was just the passenger side one that broke. START OF LIE #1. Earlier he said to my wife that both sides were broken. So I informed him that I was not willing to pay for the repair of the sensor on the passenger side due to the fact that there was no repair required on the passenger side, and I am not willing to pay for something that a mechanic broke on a side where he should not have been working. Lucky was not willing to take my reasoning and after an aggravating conversation of me explaining how I do not understand how I should be held financially responsible for a mechanics damage to a part on my vehicle on the side he should not have been working on, Lucky states "We will replace the part for free, and you will not be back. Correct?" At this point all I can do is agree and he hung up on me before I had a chance to ask when this repair can be done.

Assuming that Lucky made an error in his wording that both ABS sensors were damaged and he in fact meant only one was damaged it would be repaired and the Odyssey would be back to normal running order. The part was ordered and when the part came in an appointment for the repair was made. When my wife brought the Van in for the appointment she was told there wasn't anything in the computer but they would see if they could fit it in right away.

The repair to the Odyssey ABS sensor on the passenger side was done. But no test drive. My wife then accepts the keys and leaves, only to get 2 km away and have the van disengage the fuel line and the VSA light come on.

The ABS sensor on the drivers side is now broken. (Lucky, originally stated that both were broken, then just the passenger side, and now denies working on the drivers side ABS sensor. START LIE #2.) My wife was able to limp the van back to Honda Way, where they disconnected the sensor on the driver side and ordered the part. As the mechanic brought the Odyssey around to the front he drove over the curb on the corner in front of the service center.

During the time where either of these sensors are not working my vehicle safety system is rendered useless. So if my vehicle is in an accident insurance may find me 100% at fault due to my vehicle being handicapped by a Honda Way mechanic.

The part came in, and I have since picked up the part. I do not wish to have Honda Way work on my vehicle again. I am going to have another mechanic install the sensor and inspect all work done by Honda Way. Honda Way has also denied me paperwork at the time of picking up my vehicle and parts, stating that the paper work has not been processed yet. I am confused on how this works, I should have paperwork for the work done and all parts, at the time of pick up.

I had a funny feeling taking my van to The Honda Way for a warranty repair. I had the feeling that there was something going to happen in which The Honda Way would try to charge me. All I wanted was a quoted 3 hr repair to fix the broken wheel bearing on the drivers side that the Customer Care center had approved to do under warranty. That turned into a 3 week repair, nuisance, and inconvenience and in which my van had the safety devices disconnected due to mechanics damaging them.

After been lied to and disrespected by the (service person Lucky) and told not to come back, I do not wish to deal with The Honda Way again. Not just because of (Lucky), because of the incompetence of the service mechanics on staff. However, all other service counter members, excluding Lucky, were very helpful, very polite, and I would deal with them again. But I will not deal with The Honda Way.

A more interesting fact is that I once respected Honda, and The Honda Way, and I currently own 3 Honda vehicles. After this incident I will not purchase another Honda vehicle again, and everyone I know will be made aware of The Honda Way and the way they treat vehicles and their customers.


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